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General Introduction

MCNV has a core basis of support from individual private donors and family foundations in the Netherlands who wanted to help Vietnam recover from the devastations of the war, which in the past decade has been supplemented by project-based funding from several different sources, enabling us to expand the size and range of programmes we […]

Disability Program

To ensure that people with disabilities receive comprehensive support to develop their potential and to create an enabling environment for their inclusion in the community.

Community managed Health Development
Community Managed Health Development

Aim To improve the health and welfare of the people through empowering communities, promoting equity in development and improving the quality of life of disadvantaged people.  Achievements  Although initiated more than 15 years ago, Community-managed Health Development (CMHD) is a dynamic process, still developing in response to the evolving context in the project areas. CMHD […]

Community-managed Health Development
Community Managed Health & Livelihood Development

Aim The programme aims to reduce poverty and to improve the health status among ethnic minorities in mountainous areas, through a community development approach that empowers the community to make decisions and plans to address their priority problems. Achievements During the first phase, 4,200 families in 31 villages and 12 Communes were reached by activities […]

Human Resource for Health
Human Resources for Health

To improve the quality of training of health professionals in order to provide better health care, through better training methods and materials and increased relevance of the training to the needs of society, filling gaps in the existing curricula at medical and public health universities and at provincial secondary medical schools and college.

1987 Malaria
Prevention and treatment of Malaria

Aim To further the understanding of the epidemiology of forest malaria and how to prevent it, with the ultimate aim to develop new methods that could lead to the elimination of malaria in Vietnam.  Achievements  Sleeping under insecticide treated bed nets (ITN) has become the standard method for malaria prevention for more than 8 million […]

Micro-Finance programme

Aim Microfinance interventions are mainly aimed at improving the livelihood of poor and disadvantaged people and communities; in some cases they are aimed at providing financial sustainability of programme interventions. The aim of INFI is to create a network of professionals who integrate learning and sharing into their daily practices, so that interventions in financial […]

Reproductive and Sexual Health Right
Sexual and Reproductive Health & Rights

To protect the rights and promote the sexual and reproductive health of all including those who are underserved or marginalised, such as ethnic minorities, sexual minorities, the disabled, and the young and the old, partly by providing access to up-to-date information and services.

Women Empowerment

Aim  The goal of increasing women’s involvement in the development process of Vietnam through focusing on gender and empowerment is integrated into all MCNV programs. Special attention is paid to the vulnerable situation of marginalised women, such as victims of human trafficking and domestic violence, poor and disabled women and women living with HIV. Achievements  […]

Transition in the East Alliance

Aim: To have stronger civil society organisations able to support marginalised groups in accessing their basic rights To achieve improved economic status for marginalised groups, through microfinance and livelihood approaches in five countries To ensure improved access to comprehensive health and social services for marginalised groups in five countries, including community-based care and mental health […]

1991 kinderen bij TB-auto
Prevention and treatment of Tuberculose

MCNV’s Support to the National Tuberculosis Control Programme in Vietnam Vietnam is well known and appreciated around the world for the high quality of its National Tuberculosis Control Program. At the foundation of that program and during the first 20 years of its implementation, MCNV played a key role in both providing materials and building […]

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Minister of health Ms Nguyen Thi Kim Tien met with MCNV’s Policy Advisor in Netherlands

Minister of Health, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Kim Tien  and the Director General Department of International Cooperation, Ms Tran Thi Giang Huong met with MCNV’s Policy Advisor, Ms Akke Schuurmans yesterday in Delft. The visit was arranged on the occasion of the Vietnamese high-level delegation accompanying the Vietnamese Prime Minister to participate in the Nuclear Security Summit in the […]

MCNV helping to bring CBR to the provinces

The Ministry of Health (MoH), Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) and Ministry of Invalids, Labour and Social Affairs (MoLISA) are working on an inter-ministerial circular on implementation of community based rehabilitation (CBR). During a workshop in Quang Tri on March 12th, 2014, chaired by MoLISA Deputy Minister Mr. Nguyen Trong dam, these authorities listened […]

Village Extension Workers changed the landscape in Khanh Vinh district

How Sa Mui Xe made his business from Bamboo shoots Sa Mui Xe lives in Bau Sang village, Khanh Vinh district.  In 2011 he joined a class about (edible) bamboo cultivation organized by MCNV, together with 11 other farmers. Before nobody was doing this in Khanh Vinh – people only collected wild bamboo shoots from the forest […]

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Turning towards the Sunlight

MCNV would like to thank all those who have been involved in this fnal evaluaton of our HIV program “Comprehensive PMTCT services for Especially Vulnerable Women in Vietnam”. In partcular the independent consultants who undertook the evaluaton, Jessica de Ruijter (lead consultant), Hong Anh Doan, and Hang Pham Thanh. Thanks must also go to the […]

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Bringing goods to remote villages

CMH&LD program has supported setting up Village Trading Shop right in the villages of Khanh Vinh district, Khanh Hoa province. These trading shops are very convenient for transactions of the poor villagers.

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