MCNV on VTV4’s Talk Vietnam

A lot of interesting information and stories related to the work of MCNV in Vietnam were dialogued on the VTV4’s show “Talk Vietnam” yesterday evening December 2nd. Thanks so much to Ad Spijkers and Ron Marchand for sharing human-interest stories and significant milestones throughout the MCNV’s history. A link to the show can be found here.

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”Tomorrow” is a video about the real situations and MCNV’s interventions in adolescent health care, including mental health and sexual and reproductive health, in Quang Tri province, Vietnam. While mental disorders become more prevalent among high school students in plain areas, early marriage and pregnancy at adolescence have been a common problem among ethnic minority adolescent girls living in remote mountainous areas. Watch this video to explore more:

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MCNV anniversary event in Amsterdam – livestream

1968 – 2018 marks 50 years of MCNV

Founded in Amsterdam in November 1968 as one of many Dutch solidarity movements, MCNV managed to change with the times, turn into an international NGO and remain relevant to the Dutch-Vietnamese relations and cooperations and of importance for the Vietnamese and Laotian people. Read more for a link to the livestream.

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Celebration of the MCNV’s 50th anniversary

On November 16th 2018, the celebration of the MCNV’s 50th anniversary took place at the International Convention Center, Hanoi. Participating in the event were about 150 guests representing a wide range of Vietnamese institutions and partners.

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Circles of Companionship

”Circles of companionship”: a sharp video telling this history and development of MCNV. Many thanks to VTV4 and the involved organisations and individuals for helping us make this production! Founded on 18th November 1968, MCNV has been accompanying with Vietnam for the past 5 decades. In recognition of MCNV’s contributions, yesterday November 16th in Hanoi the Government of Vietnam granted the 4th Medal of Frienship to MCNV on the occasion of MCNV’s 50th anniversary. Enjoy watching the video at:

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Children under 5 years old, mostly of ethnic minority groups, in remote areas of Phu Yen province, Vietnam are malnourished due to their parents’ limited knowledge in nutrition and unhealthy practices in child caring and feeding. MCNV helps to improve this situation through a Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture (NSA) approach. Watch this video for more information:

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Supporting ethnic minority adolescent girls in remote areas

Adolescent girls of ethnic minority groups Bru Van Kieu and Pa Co in remote villages of Quang Tri are facing problems of school dropout, child marriage, unwanted pregnancy at adolescence and joblessness. This real situation seriously affects the future of adolescent girls. MCNV is making efforts to help them tackle these problems. Watch this video to understand more:

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Act against child marriages

Half of youth in Muong Cha marries before 18


Two years ago, Vang Thi Chia, a then 15-year old girl from an ethnic minority in Dien Bien province, still went to Muong Cha High School, as did most boys and girls in her village. She fell in love with a classmate and got pregnant because she had learned nothing about safe sex. Not form her friends, nor her parents or her teachers. Her parents gave her permission to marry her boyfriend. A tough decision, because it ment she had to quit school.

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