Capacity Building on Mental Health Care and Treatment in Quang Tri

MCNV cooperated with Quang Tri Health Department and Da Nang Mental Health (MH) Hospital to organise a training workshop on basic mental disorder (MD) diagnosis and treatment for grassroots health care workers.

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On July 6-7 2017, the Sunflower Groups supported by MCNV organized a workshop on Social Health Insurance for People living with HIV.

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Meeting between MCNV and Vietnamese delegation in The Hague

On Sunday, July 9, MCNV had a meeting in The Hague with the Vietnamese delegation. The Prime Minster and other Ministers from Vietnam were in The Netherlands to talk about cooperation and exchange between Vietnam and the Netherlands.

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Promoting inclusion of disabled youngsters in SRHR

The LICM project implemented by MCNV in Lao PDR is part of a larger program on inclusion called VOICE; for more information reference can be made to

LICM introduces communicative communication methods such as (shadow) drama, songs and cartoons as a means to facilitate dialogue between youngsters of vulnerable groups about SRHR and between youngsters and influential people and groups in society.

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MCNV’s attempts to tackle problems faced by ethnic minority adolescent girls

On June 30th 2017, at Khe Sanh town, Huong Hoa district, Quang Tri province, MCNV collaborated with the Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) Centre of Quang Tri province to organise a workshop to consult relevant stakeholders about the situation and solutions to health, education and social inclusion issues related to ethnic minority adolescent girls at Huong Hoa district.

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MCNV facilitates workshop “Writeshopping for Development”

MCNV is member of the Barefoot Guide Alliance, an alliance of 6 organisations around the world, which are sustaining the Barefoot Guide Connection to spread its message and methods. The Barefoot Guide Connection is a global network of individuals and organisations that value deep reflection on development practices by and for practitioners. A method that has emerged from writing four Barefoot guides is the ‘Writeshopping for Development’ methodology.

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New Vietnamese ambassador visits MCNV

Last Friday, May 12, 2017, the new ambassador of Vietnam in the Hague, Mrs Ngo Thi Hoa, visited MCNV office in Amsterdam. Mrs Hoa wants to intensify the relationship between Vietnam and the Netherlands, joining forces in collaboration. To realise this, she made a list of organisations to visit and MCNV was on the top of this list.

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MCNV presents Strategy 2017-2021

Dear friends,

The past year we have been working very hard on our new strategy. We’re proud to present the results of this international teamwork in the MCNV Strategy 2017-2021.

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Introduction workshop on Occupational Therapy Training Program for Bachelor level

14th April 2017, in collaboration with Hai Duong Medical and Technical University (HMTU), MCNV organized a workshop on introduction of Occupational Therapy (OT) Training Program for Bachelor level.

The workshop aims to increase general understanding about OT in contribution to quality of rehabilitation; to present and update progress of the OT education development project; and to introduce the pre-service training course of Bachelor of Rehabilitation specialized in OT at HMTU

80 physiotherapists and professors of rehabilitation profession from Ministry of Health (MOH), general hospitals, rehabilitation centers of Northern provinces, representatives from Ministry of Educational and Training (MOET), USAID and HI and especially lecturers and student of HMTU attended the workshop. All participants expected the BOT training program will be expressed broadly and recruit qualified students. The BOT training program at HMTU will be started this November. The same BOT course was kicked off already at the sister university of Medicine and Pharmacy in HCMC in March 2017.


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Delegates from Hulza Foundation visited Microfinance project in Ben Tre province

On April 22nd 2017, Ms. Monique Smiers and Ms. Hoang Phuong Phi, two delegates from Hulza Foundation, Netherlands have visited MCNV’s microfinance project in Binh Dai district, Ben Tre province. They visited Thoi Lai commune, where a new microfinance project was started in December 2016 with the financial support from Hulza Foundation.

Thoi Lai is one of 9 communes in the microfinance project run by MCNV and Women’s Union. After 4 months of implementation, Thoi Lai has been providing microfinance services to 138 poor women from the initial capital of Euro 20,000 funded by Hulza. Among them, 94 households used their micro loans to build high-capacity water containers to retain rain water to meet domestic consumption and livestock needs during dry seasons. 43 others borrowed to invest in their home business. The project also gives 1 loan for production group and 13 loans to buy health insurance.

Ms. Monique and Ms. Phi has visited 8 households and joined a credit group meeting. The poor women in Thoi Lai were very happy to show them new water containers, which was a great help for health of people and livestock in the drought and salinity disaster recently. Members of the project also learned much knowledge on
financial literacy and production skills in the exchange session during monthly group meetings.

After the visit, Ms. Monique shared “Thanks to the effort from MCNV and partners from Women’s Union, Hulza could use their funding in a real microfinance project. I believe that we have made the right choice to support Ben Tre and our funding will create more social and economic benefits to the poor women in a sustainable way”.

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