MCNV’s Country Director in Vietnam receives prestigious honour

On the 5th December 2017, Dr Pham Dung, MCNV’s Country Director in Vietnam, was awarded the Medallion for People’s Health in recognition of his outstanding dedication to improving the well-being of people living with disability in Vietnam.

The award was presented by Ms. Hoang Thi Thom, the Deputy Director of the Communication and Rewards Department, of the Ministry of Health. Ms Thom conveyed the thanks of the Minister of Health for Dr Dung’s efforts, also Dr Dung expressed his great thanks for receiving the honour and stated that it was a testament to the efforts of MCNV, its partners and supporters over many years. He hoped that it would serve as an inspiration to continue such work in the future. Before Dr Dung, Dr Nguyen Ngoc Lan- Program Coordinator at MCNV, was also awarded the Medallion by the Ministry of Health. This was the recognition of her 20 year devotion to improve people’s health, especially people’s mental health, in Vietnam.

Ministry of Health giving the Medallion for People’s Health to Dr. Pham Dung

The award was presented at the launch of the Bachelor’s Degree program in Occupational Therapy at Hai Duong Medical Technical University. The opening ceremony was attended by the Board of the University, Departmental Heads, and representatives from USAID, Handicap International and MCNV. 37 students from across northern and central Vietnam were also present at the opening ceremony; they were eager to start their course and to learn the knowledge and skills they need to develop their careers in occupational therapy.

The launch of the Bachelor’s Degree program in Occupational Therapy at Hai Duong Medical Technical University

The Bachelor’s Degree program is also being offered by the Ho Chi Minh City Medicine and Pharmacy University, ensuring that the degree course is available to students from all parts of Vietnam. The provision of the course is part of the five year “Developing occupational therapy skills in Vietnam program” funded by USAID. It is being implemented by MCNV in partnership with Handicap International, Hai Duong Medical Technical University and HCMC University and will run until 2020.