order MCNV calender 2020 now

The calender 2020 contains beautiful pictures and an overview of our projects in Lao PDR and Vietnam. Programs for a better health, sufficient and nutritious food and better resilience; all ingredients for a better life.

Order yours by transferring the right amount to IBAN NL07 INGB 0001 70 6415, MCNV, Amsterdam with reference ‘calender 2020’.
1 calender = € 13,75; 2 calenders = € 25,50; 3 calenders = €37,45
All prices including shipping costs.

If you order before November 25, the calenders will be sent before the 30th. After that date, your order will be sent within 3 working days after receipt of the payment.

By buying a calender you are supporting our work in Vietnam and Lao PDR!