Children under 5 years old, mostly of ethnic minority groups, in remote areas of Phu Yen province, Vietnam are malnourished due to their parents’ limited knowledge in nutrition and unhealthy practices in child caring and feeding. MCNV helps to improve this situation through a Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture (NSA) approach. Watch this video for more information:

Supporting ethnic minority adolescent girls in remote areas

Adolescent girls of ethnic minority groups Bru Van Kieu and Pa Co in remote villages of Quang Tri are facing problems of school dropout, child marriage, unwanted pregnancy at adolescence and joblessness. This real situation seriously affects the future of adolescent girls. MCNV is making efforts to help them tackle these problems. Watch this video to understand more:

Chances for inclusion

The short documentary film is about inclusive education for children with disability in Cao Bang. The Center for Rehabilitation and Inclusive Education is opening chances for education for more children with disability year after year.

Starting up again

The film followed poor women in Binh Dai district, Ben Tre province in their fish and mushroom production groups. This is an efficient method that MCNV is applying to improve climate change resilience through women entrepreneurship.

MCNV in brief

MCNV is an international NGO working on health, nutrition, sustainable production and mainstream education for children with disabilities.

Children with disabilities in Phu Yen

The Centre for Inclusive Education Development Support in Phu Yen, an MCNV’s partner, is making efforts in raising funds to set up vocational training facilities for children with disabilities. This video is an introduction to the Centre and calls for kind donations in response to the children’s need.

Tiny Flower’s Shop & Café

The film follows Hoa who runs her own shop and cafe in a small village. With the help of a micro-loan funded by MCNV she made her small business more viable and is now considering the next step of expansion to further increase her enterprise.

MCNV’s 40-years history

In 1968, the Dutch medical doctors Professor Jaap de Haas, Dr. Nick van Rhijn and Dr. Fred Groening founded the Medical Committee Netherlands-Vietnam. They were indignant about the Americans’ technological warfare in Vietnam and distressed by the suffering of the Vietnamese people.

Conquering Fansipan together

From 20-23 June 2013, MCNV and Royal Netherlands Embassy in Vietnam organized an event to “Conquering Fansipan together” to promote the inclusion of disabled people in society. Fansipan is dubbed “the Roof of Indochina” with the height of 3,143 metres.