Tiny Flower’s Shop & Café

The film follows Hoa who runs her own shop and cafe in a small village. With the help of a micro-loan funded by MCNV she made her small business more viable and is now considering the next step of expansion to further increase her enterprise. The story follows her as she meets the loan collector from the local disabled people’s organisation, serves her regular customers, suppliers and enjoys jokes with some boisterous students coming home after school. At the heart of the story is Hoa and her determination to improve her life for herself and her family by applying good business sense with her loan. It shows how micro-loans in the hands of people with ambition can have an exponential effect beyond the finance itself. In Hoa’s case she has been empowered to move from loan receiver to loan giver using a social media group to connect with people less fortunate than herself and give them specifically targeted micro-loans up to $100 each.