On August 28 2017, MCNV cooperating with the Quang Tri Department of Health held the workshop ‘Enhancing mental health care in community’. More than 30 representatives from the Department of Public Health, Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs and nine districts, six hamlet health executives of Vinh Son commune and Vinh Tu commune of Vinh Linh District participated in the workshop.

The workshop was organized in order to share the knowledge and experience of mental health care platforms based on the communities on Quang Tri province.

Representatives attending the workshop shared information and discussed vital matters such as: (i) how to support mental patients in the local are; (ii) Policies and support regime for mental patients over the time; (iii) The effect and experience from the platform of mental health care in community that MCNV conducted and deployed at A Xing commune,  Thanh commune in Huong Hoa district and  Vinh Son commune, Vinh Tu commune in Vinh Linh district in 2013 – 2016; (iv) Discuss about the combine ability between related groups in expanding the platform of mental health care based on the mental patients’ families at the groundwork.

Workshop members highly appreciated the group of families model and hoped that the Department of Health and the Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs could seek support to duplicate the model in the coming time in order to improve knowledge and skills in patient support, help improve the confidence of patients and their families so they their social rehabilitation could take place more easily.

*Photo: Dr. Mai Nam – vice president of the Health Public Department of Quang Tri utterance.

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