During the more than 45 years since the foundation of MCNV, we have been receiving kind donations from loyal individual donors in the Netherlands to implement our programs and projects in Vietnam. Though MCNV still has about 5,500 individual donors today, this network of donors has gradually decreased over time as people grow old and pass away. One solution to compensate for the loss of individual donors is to mobilise more funds from institutional donors. Since 2010 we have also initiated activities to appeal for donations from individuals and organisations within Vietnam, through fundraising campaigns in the provinces where MCNV has programs and projects.

Support the people in Quang Tri

Six years ago, we managed to get a generous subsidy which enabled us to fund additional programs and staff. But last year the subsidy period ended and we did not yet succeed in finding new sources. We decided to keep the current projects in the coming months for people with mental illness, for teenage girls and for food safety, but after that we cannot keep the programs and the field office running without additional support.
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Support the worker bees of Vietnam

All over Vietnam women are working hard, in the rice-fields, in small shops and restaurants, but also sweeping streets in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in the dead of night. These women work as busy bees, but what if something goes wrong?
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Occupational therapy for disabled people

Autumn Campaign: MCNV magazine 2016-03 In the autumn of 2016 we asked for your contribution to start up a professional training program for occupational therapists in Vietnam.
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Sexual and reproductive health and rights-education in Huong Hoa

Summer campaign In the border region of Huong Hoa, there are 1900 teenagers with too little knowledge of sexual matters. Their parents also want to gain knowledge and self-confidence so that they are able to discuss delicate subjects.
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People with a mental illness in Quang Tri

Spring Campaign:  MCNV magazine 2016-01 In the beginning of 2016, MCNV called attention to support people with a mental illness, like Ken, a young boy who lived in a wooden cage for many years, his schizophrenia seemingly untreatable.
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Orphans in Ha Long

Christmas campaign MCNV magazine 2015-04 The December 2015 Campaign was devoted to grandparents in Ha Long taking care of their grandchildren, the parents having died of hiv/aids.
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