Improve Livelihoods

Tropical Fruit Quality improvement project

This project aims to contribute to strengthening the position of fruit growers in four vulnerable provinces in Vietnam, based on sustainable production and distribution practices, market-oriented output and long-term domestic and international market positions, enabling sustainable economic growth and employment opportunities. In this approach, improving the quality of fruit is central. This project is part of the strategy of the Dutch Embassy in Vietnam regarding sustainable agricultural transformation in the Mekong Delta.

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Boosting income and jobs for poor ethnic women in Dong Xuan district – BIJPO

Aiming to tackle the new challenges confronting people of ethnic minorities living in remote mountainous areas, brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change. In particular, BIJPO will focus on boosting their income, improving food security via the improvement of working condition and agricultural production.

Fifteen new women-led cooperatives will be formally established and receive support in terms of making joint business plan and building joint assets/facilities for its production and business. At the same time, the project will facilitate 30 household agricultural production groups. These informal groups will be set up and endorsed by local commune government.

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Together in Action for Mother and Child

The project Together in action for mother and child health aims to contribute to the reduction of maternal and new-born mortality and of the malnutrition rate among mothers and young children in remote villages in Laos. The project is supported by the Dutch AFAS Foundation. After the project CANTEEN has finished last year, this is the second collaboration of the AFAS Foundation and MCNV.

In August 2022, MCNV Laos and partners started the process of setting up village health workers in ten target villages in Nong district. The district health office selected a total of 39 village health workers from the 10 target villages using the health sector criteria guideline. The selected candidates have related experience and skills and can speak and write in Lao language and above all have the support and trust from their fellow villagers.

Getting to the project villages took some combined effort
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A healthy forest and a better life – PROSPER

Small foresters opt for a sustainable approach

In Quang Tri province, MCNV is starting a new project in which we link the living conditions of small foresters to sustainable forest management. The project is called Prosper and is aimed at guiding a group of foresters in a sustainable way of working, allowing them to sell certified acacia wood at a better price in a few years. We help a second group with the production and processing of seeds from the tung tree into certified tung oil, a type of furniture oil. The oil gets a quality mark and the farmers a fair price. We also help farmers find companies that want to buy the wood and the oil.

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