Lucian Roeters

"I got to know MCNV during my work as Finance Director at KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation and was impressed by the enthusiasm and professionalism of the team and their daily commitment to mean something for vulnerable groups in Vietnam and Laos. I hope with my role as a member of the Supervisory Board and in the audit committee to contribute to the financial sustainability of the organization and transparent accountability to stakeholders." – Lucian Roeters, interim finance manager

Marijke Postma-Rustenhoven

I have supported and admired MCNV for many years, particularly because of its long collaboration with Vietnam and the progress and value of its work. MCNV’s focus on vulnerable groups and their empowerment is important to me, something that I am eager to dedicate myself to.” - Marijke Postma-Rustenhoven was regional board member of Humanitas and worked in organisational development in Holland and abroad.

Agnes Gebhard

"MCNV is known to me as a dedicated group of people, both in the Netherlands and Vietnam, with a genuine passion to improve the lives of vulnerable people. I’m happy and honored to be given the chance to serve as a member of the board of MCNV,  the organization that supported my first work in Vietnam between 1995 and 2000. After being a “ tropical doctor” in Africa, I lived for 5 years in Vietnam, working with the Netherlands Red Cross and MCNV, especially on integrated health development;  then I continued my link with Vietnam supporting their efforts to eliminate tuberculosis while based in the Netherlands. In recent years I was director of the KCNV country office in Indonesia. I hope my experience with development work and the region can be a resource for MCNV." - Agnes Gebhard, Senior consultant KNCV TB Foundation

Mattijs Smits

"I lived in Laos, Thailand and Vietnam for long periods and did research there, particularly regarding questions on the interface of energy, climate and development. MCNV has a people-oriented, integrated approach to development in a region that is dear to me." - Mattijs Smits, Lecturer on Environmental Policy, University of Wageningen

Pieter van den Hombergh

"Already as a student back in 1968 I admired the work of MCNV. After working in Kenya and later as a family doctor I focussed more on the general medicine orientation of health care in Africa. Following trips to Vietnam, China and Burma it became clear to me that MCNV was going through an interesting development. Principles like equity, empowerment and inclusion appeal to general practitioners. For such an ngo I’ll do it." - Pieter van den Hombergh, consultant general medicine, retired general practitioner and tropical doctor.