MCNV is committed towards further developing innovative answers to the newly emerging development issues in partnership with other people and organisations. More use will be made of the opportunities that new technologies offer by for example promoting use of social media for knowledge sharing and lobby and advocacy, and further exploring e-health solutions.

Social Inclusion will be given more attention in this strategic period, as trends show that the gap between the haves and have nots within countries is widening. MCNV will increase its activities to further improve the situation around Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Nutrition and Mental Health as these topics hit the young and disadvantaged and vulnerable population of South East Asia hardest. Health is not only about physical well-being, but about the conditions of the villages and communities were people can live a dignified life, safe environment and shared responsibility in the villages.

In view of the commitment of MCNV towards improving the resilience of vulnerable communities, MCNV will further expand its activities on climate change adaption, livelihood and entrepreneurship. We will keep our focus on working with other civil society organisations, private, corporate and government partners in South East Asia and elsewhere, and will keep possibilities open to work in other regions as well.