is an international network organisation working on health, nutrition, sustainable production and mainstream education for children with disabilities. MCNV works from offices in Vietnam, Lao PDR and The Netherlands. All activities of MCNV aim at sustainable improvement of the situation of disadvantaged groups in society.


MCNV in a nutshell


Support the worker bees of Vietnam

All over Vietnam women are working hard, in the rice-fields, in small shops and restaurants, but also sweeping streets in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in the dead of night. These women work as busy bees, but what if something goes wrong?

Thanks to your donation we can empower people and create positive changes to disadvantaged people

Latest News

Towards improvement in inclusive education for children with disability

On December 12th 2016, the Department of Education and Training (DoET) of Quang Tri Province, MCNV and the Korean INGO Medipeace co-organized a workshop to share results of an assessment on inclusive education (IE) for children with disabilities (CWD) recently done in the province.

Dutch Open 2016 marked another year of Good Will and Charity Spirit of the Dutch Business Community and Partners in Vietnam

On Friday, November 25th, the Dutch Business Association in Vietnam (DBAV) hosted their 3rd annual charity golf tournament on the fairways at Song Be Golf Course.

A prosperous, healthy and happy 2017!

Dear friends,

2017 has just started. This is the year that MCNV will start implementing and further developing its new 5-year strategy. We are looking forward to it.

Over the past year we have all been working hard on developing the new strategy, new communication tools and new methods to acquire funding etc… We want to build on this work in 2017. This can only be done when we unite all forces, of employees, volunteers, co-workers and partners. Each person’s contribution is an important element of it and very much appreciated in this process. Let’s do this job together in 2017.

I wish you all a prosperous, healthy, collaborative and happy 2017!

Guus Paardekooper
MCNV Director

Featured Programs

Stimulating Entrepreneurship among vulnerable groups

The market economy offers a proportion of marginalized people chances to escape their poverty. However, many face barriers of access, lack necessary capabilities or do not recognize, or even believe, that they have chances.

Learning through health research

MCNV's works in research helps us to understand better the world around us and ensures we can support people within development processes to make the world a better place.

Nutrition sensitive agriculture in Lao PDR and Vietnam

MCNV’s approach to agriculture also entails promoting gender equity, and providing nutrition education so that household resources are used to improve nutrition, especially that of women and young children.

Support women living with and affected by HIV

During 12 years working in HIV/AIDS area, MCNV had a considerable contribution to Vietnam HIV/AIDS situation in establishing and providing support to a community – based organization of women who are living with HIV, called Sunflowers, in seven Northern provinces in Vietnam.