is an international network organisation working on health, nutrition, sustainable production and mainstream education for children with disabilities. MCNV works from offices in Vietnam, Lao PDR and The Netherlands. All activities of MCNV aim at sustainable improvement of the situation of disadvantaged groups in society.




Work together, escape from poverty!

Since 2009 MCNV is supporting microfinance projects for women in the poorest villages in the southern coastal province of Ben Tre. With a small loan, the women can buy a cow or a pig, to increase their meager income. Since then, a lot has changed for the good; the women earn some extra money for their family, the can pay of their loans and sometimes they even manage to put aside some savings. Together the women more and more succeed in overcoming setbacks. more work for more women But even after 10 years, the work isn’t finished yet. Out of our own experience we know it takes more time to improve the livelyhood of the poorest. With our partners we plan to start new microfinance projects for women cooperations. And with your support we can help quite a lot of these production groups. So if you would you like to contribute to our projects? On behalf of country director Pham Dung, we sincerely thank you for your support.

Thanks to your donation we can empower people and create positive changes to disadvantaged people

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Improving nutrition for hundreds of Cham H’roi children

An article about the MCNV's Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture project in Phu Yen published on the Vietnam Times. It reflects the situation of malnutrition among ethnic minority children and how MCNV and local partners have been doing to improve it.

MCNV general flyer

Please find our general flyer with all activities here.

Collaboration And Networking To Enhance Education and Nutrition (CANTEEN)

Improvement on nutrition and food security continues to be MCNV’s work priorities in Laos and especially in the areas where more ethnic minority groups are living.

Learning about the use of Innovative Communication Methods (LICM)

To assist disadvantaged groups in overcoming their shyness and to encourage them to engage in dialogues with a wider public, MCNV has experimented a lot with the use of Innovative Communication Methods (ICM)