A sustainable approach towards a healthy forest

Help us guiding the small foresters in Quang Tri province (Vietnam) and their families towards a healthy forest and a better life.

With € 25,000 we can support one group in planting certified Acacia woods and a second group with the production and processing of tung tree seeds into certified tung oil, a type of furniture oil.

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MCNV for inclusive development

We aim to enhance fair and sustainable access to resources and services that improve the health and (social) inclusion of marginalized people in developing countries in South East Asia.

Health development has been and still is at the centre of the programs of MCNV

From women empowerment to training in the use of innovative communication methods

Nutrition and food security continue to be priorities, especially in vulnerable areas

Innovation, leadership, creativity and envisioning and exploiting possibilities

We envision a world in which the society supports all people in their development to the maximum well-being and full social position.

From offices in Lao PDR, Vietnam and the Netherlands, MCNV works for:

  • ethnic minorities
  • people facing poverty
  • women and girls
  • people facing discrimination or social exclusion
  • disabled people

Thanks to your donation we can empower people and create positive changes to disadvantaged people.

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