MCNV is looking for companies who want to be involved in various projects in Vietnam and Lao PDR. MCNV is an international non-governmental organization (INGO) which provides assistance to the most vulnerable people in Vietnam and Lao PDR that hardly benefit from the economic progress and who do not have access to medical care and education. Through a shared commitment with MCNV,  your employees and your customers feel close to the people in Vietnam and Lao PDR by a shared responsibility.

MCNV has so far been selected by many businesses, including PWC, Vingroup, UPS and ASR, to be their partner in implementing their CSR programs. MCNV continue with further cooperation making sustainability a shared goal so that no one is left behind from the development process.

Companies can be linked to a specific project that fits well with your company and your people, in the form of financial support, once or structural. Alternatively, think of the use of your resources, people and expertise to develop, set up or improve programs together and new products. Working together on a healthier and happier future of the people of Vietnam and Lao PDR: what we strive for!