Our Main Partners

Partnerships and alliances

The programs of MCNV are always people-centred and participatory in nature. MCNV consistently ensures that the expertise of people like doctors and engineers is matched with the needs, desires and capabilities of the communities on the ground and pays attention to gender issues. Partnerships and alliances are a prerequisite for the success of changes and structural improvements, both in terms of the implementation of programs and on the financing activities. MCNV works closely with several partners, at different levels and with different objectives, both in Vietnam, Laos and the Netherlands.

Health Office – Lao

The main role of the Health office is to oversee the health care of all the communities in the district Nong.
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Ministry of Health – Vietnam

Within the Ministry of Health, MCNV has close cooperation with the Department of Treatment for the work on disability,
..

Ministry of Education & Training – Vietnam

The Ministry of Education and Training has mainly been a partner in the field of inclusive education,
..

Ministry of Labour-Invalids and Social Affairs – Vietnam

The Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs is a partner in the social side of services to the disabled.
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Provincial Hospital – Lao

MCNV has been working with this partner to build the capacity of the organisation and increase the skills of health care professionals.
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Provincial Health Department – Lao

The main role of this organisation is to oversee the health care of all the communities in the province. MCNV has built a strong relationship with the Provincial Health Department in Savannakhet since 2008.
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Women’s Union – Vietnam

The Vietnam Women’s Union is one of the most important partners in MCNV development programs in Vietnam, at all levels.
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Women’s Union – Lao

The Lao Women’s Union is a close partner of MCNV, helping to promote gender equality throughout the whole district.
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Local NGOs and CBOs – Vietnam

In Vietnam, MCNV also actively cooperates with local non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and community-based organisations (CBOs).
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Local Authorities – Vietnam

The official partner in MCNV’s CMHLD program in Khanh Vinh district, Khanh Hoa province, is the District People’s Committee.
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The Community Health Training and Consulting Network (CHTCN) has been a partner of MCNV for many years. CHTCN has helped MCNV to carry out projects and provided well-qualified experts to implement the projects. Meanwhile, MCNV always pays attention to improving the professional and management capacities of the CHTCN members. Partnership is not only to learn from each other’s strong points, but also to help each other address weak points and limitations.Dr. Luu Ngoc Hoat, former Vice Rector, Medical University of Ha Noi.

There are four elements for good partnership: (1) mutual respect, (2) equity, (3) enthusiasm and sharing and (4) honesty. The co-operative relation between MCNV and the health sector of Vietnam and between MCNV and Quang Tri province is a good example of partnership as it contains all these elements.Dr. Vu Sinh Nam, former Vice-head, Preventive Medicine and HIV/AIDS Department, Ministry of Health

MCNV has been supporting people in Vietnam since 1968, a turbulent year in Europe. During the terrible war, MCNV took action not with weapons but with medicines, medical equipment and food. When the weapons were stilled, the consequences of the war dragged on. Your sympathy for the people in need was always a source of protection for them.Eberhard van der Laan, Mayor of Amsterdam

The most significant benefit for us from MCNV’s support is improvement in our way of working. We learned and improve our capacity on problem analysis and how to organize interventions, as well as how to withdraw the lessons learned from what we achieved and what failed.” Dr. Cao Minh Toan, former Vice Director of Provincial Health Service of Dak Lak

When we started the DPO we were so anxious, worried and insecure about the whole thing, we did not know what to do. We just followed suggestions from the District Health Centre and MCNV. But now we feel relieved and much stronger. Now we can do everything ourselves with just a little support from the health centre staffs. We feel happy and more confident.Ms. Le Thi Xe, former chairwoman of Hoa Le DPO

MCNV supports the community with training using participatory methods. In the process of facilitating and learning, facilitators and community people understand each other, experience new findings from the community and are willing to exchange ideas to implement the projects better. This example can partially reflect the important factors of a good partnership, mutual respect, honesty and learning.Dr. Nguyen Xuan Lan, Vinh Linh district hospital, Quang Tri