Thanks to donations from private donors, family- and equity funds and contributions from among others the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The European Union and other international grants, MCNV can carry on with its work. Fortunately, medical care and life in Vietnam have greatly improved in the past years, and in Laos, too, life is gradually getting better, but there is still a lot to be done and our work has not yet finished.

In the coming years, MCNV wants to continue to help solve various problems that the Vietnamese and Laotian people face due to the many years of war and isolation in the past or to natural disasters such as floods, droughts and typhoons in the present.

MCNV focuses particularly on improving the living conditions and health of groups in a disadvantaged position, such as poorest people, women, people with a disability and ethnic minorities who haven’t (yet) benefitted from the economic developments and often live in the mountains and in remote, isolated regions.

The donations of individual donors and private trusts form the heart of our organization. To acquire government-grants, our own financial contribution is a prerequisite. We can only achieve this with the financial aid and the trust of our private donors.

MCNV would like to carry on, but we can only do this together with you. Become a donor and support the people in Vietnam and Laos.

Many thanks in advance for your interest and involvement!

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