Program partnerships

Ministry of Labour-Invalids and Social Affairs – Vietnam

The Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs is a partner in the social side of services to the disabled. Within this ministry, the National Coordination Committee on Disability (NCCD) is housed, which acts to coordinate within and across ministries. The NCCD has been a partner with MCNV since 2005, with a focus on strengthening disability data management. A significant achievement of the MCNV-NCCD cooperation was harmonization of disability terms that increased understanding among stakeholders. MCNV also supported the NCCD to develop a disability library containing reports from research projects, surveys, and evaluations as well as text books on disability. During the past ten years, MCNV has often supported the NCCD to organize national events on communication and information in relation to disability issues, especially an annual meeting on December 3rd, the International Day for Disability.