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A good start for toddlers in Phu Mo

Both food and mental health care needed in Central Vietnam

Last year we have asked you to support the people in Quang Tri province. Your reactions have been generous and you’ve made it possible to continue supporting these people. This winter we would like to introduce two new projects: increasing food security in the poorest villages and support for students with mental health problems.

Local authorities have agreed to partly financing these projects but we can only start once a contribution from MCNV has been secured. With your support we can keep on supporting the people of Quang Tri in 2019!

Food and training

In Phu Mo, one of the poorest communities in Phu Yen province, live many people from the Cham minority, almost 80 % of them below poverty level. They earn some money with farming, but about 75% of the families are constantly fighting food shortages and malnutrition of their children. Together with our partners MCNV aims at improving their situation with advice and training on healthy food preparation and support of food production. To cover their most urgent needs, the 260 poorest families will also immediately receive extra supplies.
Local entrepreneurs will get support in opening shops in the villages under the condition of also offering nutritious porridge and dairy products for the children.

VU University Amsterdam, Agriculture University Hué and Medical University Hué are closely monitoring the project and will advise on expansion to other villages.

Mental health care for students

In Vietnam there are a lot of children and youth with mental and behavioural problems, suicide rates are high. Mental health care falls short and therefor the Vietnamese Ministery of Education ordered all schools to install a commitee to advise on mental health care for their students.

In Quang Tri province there are 31 high schools with in total about 23,000 students, but there are no teachers with proper training for these commitees.

MCNV wants to run a test program to train a small group of teachers to improve their skills in supporting students with problems and to enable them to train their colleagues.

Our request

Both projects deserve your attention and your support. MCNV aims at relieving both fysical and mental problems of all children in Quang Tri, from their toddler days upto their last school days.
All together we need € 30,000 to start these projects. Your contribution is highly appreciated!