Occupational Therapy 9-month course

[Inclusion Project] 9-Month Occupational Therapy Course organized by MCNV in coordination with Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy (May 2022 – Feb 2023).

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Basic Rehabilitation Course in Bach Mai hospital

*[Inclusion Project ] Basic rehabilitation course for physicians (May 2022 – November 2022)

Project: Inclusion

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PROSPER zoom-in: Afforestation with indigenous species

Growing fast, generating a source of good wood, are only two among many benefit of Gmelina arborea, an indigenous tree of Huong Hoa district, Quang Tri province. Let’s explore how PROSPER project is helping promote the plantation of Gmelina arborea!

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Sustainable livelihood for poor women in Ben Tre


Thanks to the sponsorship of GSRD Foundation, 08 cooperative groups for 160 member women have been established in 02 districts: Mo Cay Bac and Mo Cay Nam (Ben Tre province) since 2018.

MCNV is honored to contribute to fostering women’s resilience against the impact of climate change in the Mekong Delta.

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Less waste, more green

A Green Circle to reduce household waste and increase bio compost for your garden. 1,150 households in Ben Tre province, (South of Vietnam) have benefited from Waste to Compost project, under the Women Empowerment Program implemented by MCNV.

The Waste-to-Compost model is sponsored by UPS company.

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MCNV’s 50th Anniversary in Hanoi

This video shows the celebration of 50th anniversary on November 16th, 2018. The event took place at the International Convention Center in Hanoi with the participation of about 150 guests representatives of ministries, sectors, diplomatic agencies, press, and international and local organisations. On this occasion MCNV honorably received the fourth Order of Friendship from the President of Vietnam. Please follow this link to watch the video:

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School based mental health care: MCNV’s pilot model in Quang Tri

MCNV Vietnam Country Director Pham Dung gave remarks at the workshop

On December 21st 2018, an evaluation workshop on the School-based Mental Health Care Project took place at Huu Nghi Hotel in Dong Ha City, Quang Tri Province. Representatives of MCNV, Provincial Department of Education and Training, Provincial Health Service, Preventive Health Center and nearly 30 high schools in the province attended the workshop. At the workshop, MCNV and the stakeholders reviewed the current situation of mental health (MH) among high school students, the interventions that MCNV and local partners have implemented in the project, remarkable results and proposed directions in the coming time.

The School-based Mental Health Care project has been piloted at Vinh Linh High School since May 5th 2017 with the aim of reducing the rate of students having, and being at risk of having, MH problems, building capacity in MH care for teachers, and improving knowledge, attitudes and behaviors of students and parents in MH care. Before the project started, MCNV conducted a survey on the MH situation of high school students in Quang Tri province. The survey results showed that up to 11.8% of high school students had MH problems and 20.86% were at risk of having MH problems.

For 18 months of implementing the project, MCNV has collaborated with the Department of Education and Training of Quang Tri Province and Vinh Linh High School to implement various activities, including establishing a MH care counseling team at the school, training to improve knowledge and skills in MH for the counseling team, sharing these knowledge and skills with other teachers in the school, using the SDQ25 tool (of the World Health Organization) to survey and monitor the students’ MH status, counseling for students having MH problems, organizing MH communication activities, and promoting information sharing and interactions about students’ MH issues via Facebook. In the implementation process, some activities were technically assisted by Da Nang Psychiatric Hospital.

The activities mentioned above have contributed to helping the teachers of Vinh Linh High School and the counseling team have basic knowledge and skills in detecting and intervening with students having MH problems, and at the same time changing the perception, attitudes and behaviors of teachers, students and parents about MH care. The comparison of the survey results at the beginning and at the end of the project has showed that the percentage of students with MH problems has decreased to 4.97% (compared to 9.32% before intervention) and the percentage of students at risk of having MH problems has decreased to 12.88% (compared with 17.74% before intervention).

With the positive results of this pilot project, the Department of Education and Training of Quang Tri Province and the high schools have proposed MCNV to replicate the project model to other high schools in the province. MCNV will try to mobilize funding in the coming time to meet this expectation.

To understand more about the School-based MH Care Project, you can refer to the materials for teachers and students at the Publications of this website and watch the following video on YouTube:

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Supporting ethnic minority adolescent girls in remote areas

Adolescent girls of ethnic minority groups Bru Van Kieu and Pa Co in remote villages of Quang Tri are facing problems of school dropout, child marriage, unwanted pregnancy at adolescence and joblessness. This real situation seriously affects the future of adolescent girls. MCNV is making efforts to help them tackle these problems. Watch this video to understand more:

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Children under 5 years old, mostly of ethnic minority groups, in remote areas of Phu Yen province, Vietnam are malnourished due to their parents’ limited knowledge in nutrition and unhealthy practices in child caring and feeding. MCNV helps to improve this situation through a Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture (NSA) approach. Watch this video for more information:

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Circles of Companionship

”Circles of companionship”: a sharp video telling this history and development of MCNV. Many thanks to VTV4 and the involved organisations and individuals for helping us make this production! Founded on 18th November 1968, MCNV has been accompanying with Vietnam for the past 5 decades. In recognition of MCNV’s contributions, yesterday November 16th in Hanoi the Government of Vietnam granted the 4th Medal of Frienship to MCNV on the occasion of MCNV’s 50th anniversary. Enjoy watching the video at:

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