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Graduation of second cohort of Master of Speech and Language Therapy

March 21, 2024 – Following the success of the first cohort of Master of Speech and Language Therapy (SALT), the second cohort of the Master of Speech and Language Therapy (HCMC University of Medicine and Pharmacy) program was concluded successfully.

The second cohort of Master’s program in SALT commenced in February, 2022, opening a new journey for 12 students who were working professionals at rehabilitation departments of various hospitals and training institutions in the South and Central Vietnam.

In addition to the team of lecturers and specialized advisors from leading universities and medical units in Vietnam, the second MSALT cohort also largely benefited from the support of the first cohort MSALT, who served as teaching assistants.

Vice Head of HCMC UMP Faculty of the Nursing and Medical Technology, Dr.Tran Thuy Khanh Linh, MCNV Country Director, MD, MPH. Pham Dung, and Ms.Nguyen Thanh Thuy – SALT Project Coordinator and the second MSALT cohort.

Reflecting on the memorable journey, on behalf of the second cohort of MSALT, Ms.Minh Chau (Rehabilitation Department, An Binh Hospital), in her graduation speech, expressed heartfelt thanks to MCNV, HCMC UMP and all the lecturers and mentors:

“We have been through countless challenges during our study days: stressful exam hours, difficulties in collecting and processing research data. Nonetheless, with relentless effort and the best support from MCNV and the Board of Rectors of HCM UMP,  the instructors from the Rehabilitation Department and our mentors, we have overcome all and have completed the program with better results than expected.”

On this occasion, a cordial congratulations gathering was held by MCNV to celebrate the graduation of the 12 new MSALTs.

The first cohort of SALT Master program was conducted as part of the project “Development of Speech and Language Therapy Education in Vietnam” by MCNV, under the “Disabilities Integration of Services and Therapies Network for Capacity and Treatment”  (DISTINCT) project by VietHealth funded by USAID Vietnam. Trinh Foundation Australia (TFA) participates in this project as a technical consulting partner to MCNV.
Following that success, MCNV continued the effort to mobilize funding and  cooperating with TFA to maintain the support for HCMC UMP in admitting students and organizing the second cohort (2021-2023).
In the time to come, MCNV will discuss further with our partners on planning for upcoming Speech Therapy master’s courses.

On this occasion, MCNV would like to thank TFA Board members and all of the dedicated international and Vietnamese lecturers and mentors from overseas and Vietnam, who have been contributed tremendously to the success of the second cohort. This new achievement has filled us with tremendous confidence in our continual fruitful cooperation, to further contribute to the development of SALT in particular and rehabilitation services in Vietnam in general./.