MCNV Birthday Calendar

One more calendar, but different!

One more calendar, for our loyal donor, not just for the year 2022, but a birthday calendar for many years to come. Order now!

Every year we made a calendar for you full of photos from village life in Vietnam and Laos. Now that there is less interest in the annual calendar and after careful deliberation, we have decided to no longer make an annual calendar. But of course we will not let you down. We close the calendar era with a beautiful birthday calendar, so that you can enjoy the striking images of the people in the projects with which you feel so involved in and long after 2022.

A birthday calendar, …more than just a reminder

For this birthday calendar, we asked some of the MCNV photographers to select their best photos from recent years. Mr. Lam, our program managers Hieu and Tung and others have photographed people in Vietnam and Laos who participate in our projects. From their work we chose beautiful, meaningful images for the calendar. To commemorate (historical) events in Vietnam, Laos and the Netherlands, we also highlight a date every month that has a special meaning for our donors.

Order right away!

You can order the calendar by transferring the amount of € 13.75 to:

ING bank account NL07 INGB 0001 7064 15 in the name of MCNV in Amsterdam, stating Birthday calendar

Are you considering giving a copy as a gift? You pay € 25.50 for 2 calendars.
Amounts include shipping costs and the proceeds benefit our projects in Vietnam and Laos.