1. The MCNV works together with various universities and (Health) Colleges in The Netherlands. This allows students to carry our research works in Vietnam, Lao PDR and other developing countries in the region. The primary goal for these students is to allow a selected MCNV program to be researched (on the interventions, results, outputs for example) resulting in a thesis leading to the grade of Master and/or doctor in The Netherlands.
  2. Together with the University/College’s tutor a suitable research subject is selected within an existing program. The MCNV subseuqnetly discusses the research topic to be covered with the student. The MCNV will determine where the research works will be carried out based on, amongst other things, the most suitable study support available in the field
  3. Each student who is selected to carry out an overseas internship for the MCNV will be required to research as far as possible the cultural, political, economical and social aspects of the country in which they will be working prior to departure. Each student is required to visit the MCNV office to gain more inside information on the to be visited country, which may also encompass practical issues such as housing, travelling, visa and further support that may be needed by the MCNV. Should more than one student carry out research works then from a practical point of view these one hour informative sessions will be jointly given.
  4. MCNV colleagues in our regional offices in Vietnam and Lao PDR can assist in the search for a hotel or other suitable accommodation. They will also be able to negotiate the terms, such as commencement and price, of the accommodation. The final choice of accommodation will be the sole responsibility of the student(s).
  5. Currently, it is mandatory to have a business visum in Vietnam. Without a business visum the student will not be allowed to carry out research in the field. Therefore, the MCNV will need the passport details of the student and an extensive travel itinary to support het visum application. The student needs to mail these details to the MCNV office in Hanoi (mcnv@mcnv.vn). The MCNV office in Hanoi will then make the visum application on the student’s behalf to obtain the required authorisation number. With this authorisation number the student can pick-up their visum from the Vietnamese Embassy in The Hague.
    With respects to Lao PDR, a temporary, 1 month, visitor visum can be obtained at the airport of Lao PDR. Should the visum need to be extended then this can easily be arranged in the capital city, Vientiane.
    All visa costs are for account of the student/researcher.
  6. Frequently travel will be required to remote locations in the visited country, in order to collect data, carry out interviews with the beneficiaries etc. Travel and accommodation costs in such cases will be for the account of the MCNV.
  7. Students will be required to organise and pay for their own travel (inc medical) insurance prior to departure.
  8. All other costs – with the exception of those listed in pt 6. – are for the account of the student/researcher.