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Increased food security for the people of Nong

Golden tips against hunger

In Nong, the poorest district in Savannakhet province, Laos, malnutrition is a persistent problem. A few years ago we started growing nutritious crops on plots of land near the villages. As a result, people no longer had to go into the forest to look for food. The forests are less depleted and important animal and plant species in the forest are preserved. A great asset for the future!

Now we are taking the next step and grow the vegetables even closer to the people. We created school and home gardens and made children responsible for taking care of the gardens and the breeding ponds. That works! People are proud of their gardens and eat well, varied and healthy. Food security in the villages is increasing, malnutrition is decreasing.

Our seven ‘golden’ tips against hunger in Nong

• Start a school garden
• Build fish and frog ponds
• Give children responsibility
• A vegetable garden for every house
• School meal: more girls attend school
• Involve men in cooking and gardening
• Clean water and toilets in every village

Children play the leading role in this future-oriented plan, but their parents also play an important part. They learn how to create and care for a garden near the house. The men learn to cook, often for the first time. They are motivated to participate because they see their children grow stronger.

Continue with confidence

With your support, with every contribution, we can take new steps against hunger and malnutrition in this challenging area of Laos. We also want to involve the surrounding villages in this. The people here are very grateful to you for your great commitment. They are proud of what we together have achieved already and look to their future with more confidence. Thank you very much for that!

Rebecca Derry
MCNV Director Laos

  • You can read all about the food project in Laos in the MCNV-Magazine on pages 4 and 5.