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Support the worker bees of Vietnam

All over Vietnam women are working hard, in the rice-fields, in small shops and restaurants, but also sweeping streets in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in the dead of night. These women work as busy bees, but what if something goes wrong?

The strength of Vietnamese women is one side of the coin, but the flip side is their vulnerability. Most poor, sick and older women don’t fully count in Vietnam; they are not allowed to voice their opinion, let alone take part in deciding on important matters in their own living environment. If these women unexpectedly no longer are able to work, for example due to an accident or illness, then the house of cards collapses and they have nothing to fall back on.

To turn the tide, MCNV is working in various projects in various provinces to strengthen the position of vulnerable women. In group meetings, trainings and workshops, these women learn to stand up for themselves.

Microfinance groups give the women the opportunity to escape from poverty, and in the south, a special training allows women to take part in the elections.

MCNV lets the theme “strengthening the position of women” play a role in as many projects and as many places in Vietnam as possible. We have already seen improvements, but such a development takes a lot of time. The rather large sum of € 60,000 is needed for us to carry on with existing women’s projects such as the microfinance groups, the Sunflower groups, workshops and training courses, but also to develop new initiatives. This can only succeed with your much appreciated support. On behalf of the women of Vietnam, many thanks!

Your (extra) donation is very welcome!