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Light of hope admist losses

Ho Van Cat on his piece of land which is now ready for cultivation.

The historic floods and landslides have massively devastated numerous areas in Quang Tri province, in particular Huong Hoa district. Amidst the loss of livelihood, thousands of people are looking for the light of hope…

After the devastating flooding and landslide in November, Mr. Ho Van Cat, resident of Ma Lai Pun hamlet, Huong Phung commune (Huong Hoa district, Quang Tri province) is embarking on a new challenging journey of post disaster relief.

 “For the last three days, I have been so excited that I cannot sleep!” Ho Van Cat says while rubbing his two hands against each other.

Standing on his 0.35 hectare piece of land, which just has been leveled and divided into five parts, Cat’s face glows with blissfulness. Under the sun, his eyes glistens like a child who has got the gift of his dream from Santa Claus.

Seeing his smile today, it is hard to imagine how frustrated Cat was two weeks back.

“If no one reached out a hand to us, we would not survive!”, he sadly said.

Located by a stream, the paddy field, the only livelihood of Cat’s family was deeply buried under huge layers of soil and rocks carried down by landslides.

The only crop of the family normally starts in December, and they would not be to access to farming land without the support of bulldozer. Nothing to be sowed, nothing to be reaped. The future of the family of eight, including five children, would be haunted by hunger.

Luckily, Cat’s family were not alone as they are one of the first four poor households in the hamlet receiving the support from MCNV and local authorities.

With the financial support of EUR 10,000 from Dutch donors via MCNV, tonnes of earth and rocks have been removed, making 03 hectare of agricultural land accessible to the affected owners.

The light of hope just returns to the community. However, it’s a long way to go.

The post disaster relief work will take time and MCNV is trying our best to make sure that those flood victims are not alone in their new struggle.

  • The damage caused by floods and landslide in October and November occurred on a large scale in Quang Tri province. leaving 58 death and missing.
  • Thousands of cattle and poultry were killed/washed away, thousands hectares of crop were destructed. Hundreds of hectares of rice plantation and 5.8 ha of agricultural land were inundated.

(Tung Nguyen, MCNV Program Coordinator)

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MCNV fifth time recognized for Contribution to Vietnam

On December 21, MCNV was conferred with the Merit of Recognition for the Contribution to Poverty reduction and Sustainable development by the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations (VUFO).

On December 21 an event to recognize the contributions of NGOs to poverty reduction and sustainable development of Vietnam was held in Hanoi by VUFO.

MCNV was honored to be one of 50 NGOs being conferred this Merit of Certificate 2020; summarized and evaluated the achieved results and proposed directions to cooperate with foreign NGOs in the coming time.

Speaking at the ceremony, VUFO President Nguyen Phuong Nga, foreign NGOs, emphasized the contribution of foreign NGOs in Vietnam. She noted the timely support of NGOs for Vietnam during adversity, especially the battle against COVID-19, response to climate change and post disaster recovery in the Central region.

In 2020, the total value of foreign NGOs aid for Vietnam is estimated at USD 250 million, of which nearly USD 9 million was for post disaster reliefs and USD 6.5 million for COVID-19 prevention and control./.

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Magazine 2020-4


For magazine (in Dutch) click here

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I-Thrive: OT Consultant in Hue recruitment

To contribute to filling the gaps of OT workforce and services at both provincial and district levels,  MCNV has been cooperated with Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy (UMP) to provide a  12-month course on Occupational Therapy (OT) in which Hue UMP sent to this training course two participants who are teachers working at Rehabilitation Department (called OT practitioners hereafter).

The training course will end in December 2020. As planned, in the future Hue UMP  will organize Continuing Medical Education (CME) course focusing on OT practice for some  common heath conditions.

MCNV  is hence looking for an international OT consultant to provide 7-month coaching on OT clinical practice for the 2 OT practitioners at Hue UMP Hospital.

For more information, please go to the Terms of Reference below:

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I-Thrive: Recruitment of SALT volunteers

To contribute to filling the gaps of rehabilitation service and system at both provincial and district levels, MCNV has been implementing I-Thrive Project in Thua Thien Hue and Quang Nam Provinces. Within this project, MCNV support Da Nang University of Medical Technology and Pharmacy to provide a 12-month course on Speech and Language Therapy (SALT).

For each province, MCNV is looking for a volunteer to provide coaching on SALT clinical practice for health staffs who finish this training course (called SALT practitioners hereafter) in daily working in the targeted health facilities after completing the SALT training course.

A CV detailing professional experience, relevant qualifications should be provided to by December 25, 2020.

Please refer to the ToR below for more details

Volunteer in Quang Nam:

Volunteer in Thua Thien Hue:

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Vacancy for Occupational Therapy volunteer

To contribute to filling the gaps of rehabilitation services and system at both provincial and district levels, MCNV has been implementing I-Thrive Project in Thua Thien Hue and Quang Nam Provinces.
Within this project, MCNV support Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy (UMP) to provide a 12-month course on Occupational Therapy (OT).

MCNV is looking for a volunteer to provide coaching on Occupational Therapy (OT) clinical practice for health staffs in daily working in their hospitals after completing the 12-month course.

For more information, please find the Terms of Reference (ToRs) below:

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95 freshmen gain insights into Rehabilitation via workshop

An orientation conference for freshmen was held on November 7, 2020 by the Faculty of Nursing and Medical Technology, HCMC University of Medicine and Pharmacy (UMP).

The event aims to facilitate students in making the optimal choice of major for their coming learning journey and career. Currently, the Faculty is offering two majors: Physical Therapy (PT) and Occupational Therapy (OT).

This year, the Faculty welcomes 95 new students who have just got admitted for the Bachelor program period 2020-2024.

The conference has provided the freshmen relevant information and understanding on the role of Rehabilitation in the healthcare system, the scope of works, its clients and career opportunity. The information was brought to the students by experienced lecturers of UMP and specialists in Rehabilitation.

Remarkably, a group representing the first batch of OT Bachelors was invited to the event to share more insight of the OT with the freshmen. The sharing has given the first year students the confidence to make their choice of major, of which many have decided to choose OT.

MCNV and UMP hope that more students will register for OT, a very promising profession but still facing shortage of manpower in Vietnam.

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Post disaster aid update: Most remote village receives essential supplies

Today (October 31), 68 households living in Huong Choa village, the most remote village in Huong Phung commune, Huong Hoa district, Quang Tri province, have been provided with essential supplies by MCNV officers and friends.

Each household has received a gift package consisting of 10kg of rice, cooking oil, fish sauce, salt, dried food, blanket, and clothes. Each gift package worth VND 420,000 (EUR 15), sponsored by MCNV donors from the Netherlands. Our heartfelt thanks to your generosity, our dear donors!

Huong Choa village is the most remote village in Huong Hoa district and has been terribly isolated since all roads leading to this locality were devastated by the flood. The majority of the local population are of Bru Van Kieu ethnic minority.

In addition, today, MCNV team joined hand with another charitable team from Dong Nai province to provide drinking water, clothes and food to 130 households in Chenh Venh, another affected village in the same commune of Huong Phung.

Chenh Venh village is not as isolated as Huong Choa village, however, the residents here are in serious shortage of water, especially clean water for drinking, since the water supply system here has been massively damaged by the flood, and is estimated to take a considerable amount of time for repair and renovation.

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Damages caused by typhoons No. 6, 7 in Central Vietnam

A collapsed house in Huong Hoa district, Quang Tri province. Photo: Dan Sinh News

By 4 pm (GMT+7), Oct 19, natural disaster in central Vietnam has so far left 102 dead and 26 missing. At least 178,000 homes, nearly 7,000 hectares of crops have been damaged and 700,000 cattle/poultry killed, official data shows.

Three provinces suffering the largest loss of lives are Quang Tri (48), Thua Thien-Hue (27) and Quang Nam (11), according to the Central Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control.

According to Quang Tri provincial Department of Foreign Affairs, this is the first time Quang Tri suffer 4 floods in just 10 days. From October 6-17, a large-scale downpour hit Quang Tri, causing water to rapidly rise on rivers and severe floods in many areas of the province.

From October 16-18, all districts, towns and cities (except Con Co island district) suffered from high flooding, the Department says.

A local inundated medical center. Photo: Ho Cau/Vietnam News

By October 19, nearly 3,000 cattle and 472,000 poultry were killed/washed away, while nearly 2,580 ha of crop in Quang Tri were damaged. 316.5 hectares of rice plantation and 5.8 ha of agricultural land were inundated. Numerous irrigation structure, dykes, embankments were landslided and seriously damaged.

The disaster also causes disruption in water supply, especially in Huong Hoa district and Dakrong district, where MCNV’s three development projects are being implemented.

In Huong Hoa district, over 3,500 m water pipelines of Huong Phung commune were washed away while the water system in Chenh Venh and Cheng village were buried and severely damaged by fallen soil and rock.

Erosion in Dakrong. Photo: Thanh Loc/Thanh Nien News

In Dakrong district, over 672 m water pipelines were washed away (A Vao commune) while clean water system of Huc Nghi commune resettlement area were damaged.

In addition, in Huong Hoa district and Dakrong district, schools are also eroded due to flood. (In the whole province of Quang Tri, over 70 schools have been inundated with high water level).
The delivery of emergency aid and rescue to affected localities are facing numerous obstacles, since many roads and areas are blocked by landslide and flood.

A classroom in Huong Hoa district. Photo: Dan Sinh news

According to the latest news from the National Center for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting (NCHFM) on October 20, Saudel, a freshly-formed storm is expected to enter the East Sea and may head to central Vietnam.

At 1 pm on Friday, 23 October, Saudel is forecast to hit the Hoang Sa Archipelago of Vietnam, packing maximum sustained winds of level 11, and a gale of level 14.

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