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Fostering connection for cooperation

In the context of the “Boosting income and jobs for poor ethnic women in Dong Xuan district” (BIJPO) project, MCNV, in collaboration with partners in Dong Xuan District of Phu Yen Province, successfully orchestrated a productive meeting on September 27th, 2023, between Zannier Hotels Bai San Ho and representatives from local authorities and communities in the communes of Da Loc and Xuan Lanh.

Investigating Suoi Mo in Da Loc commune

Zannier Hotels, with its headquarters in France, boasts a global presence, including operations in Vietnam. Notably, Zannier Hotels Bai San Ho, located in Song Cau District of Phu Yen, was recently honored as the recipient of two prestigious awards: “Best Luxury Hotel in Vietnam 2023” and “Best Boutique Hotel in Vietnam 2023” at the World Business Outlook.

Aligned with MCNV’s mission and core values of nurturing and supporting local initiatives, fostering income generation, and promoting indigenous cultures, high-level representatives from Zannier Hotels Bai San Ho embarked on an exploration of the Suoi Mo and Vuc Hom areas. During their visit, they also worked with a Bahna’s brocade weaving group.

Working with brocade weaving group in Xuan Lanh commune

The delegation was profoundly impressed by the potential for the development of forest-based and community-managed tourism, forging connections with other tourist destinations, promoting the consumption of brocade products, and offering services encompassing traditional weaving demonstrations and captivating performances featuring traditional dancing accompanied by drums and gongs. In the medium term, Zannier Hotels Bai San Ho committed to placing orders for brocade products, earmarked for the upcoming Christmas season.

Wrap-up meeting among relevant parties

MCNV will continue to play a pivotal role in this endeavor by consolidating insights and crafting a preliminary memorandum of understanding that will bind Zannier Hotels Bai San Ho, local authorities, and the communities together in this journey of mutual and sustainable development.

BIJPO project is co-funded by GSRD, Dong Xuan district and MCNV from April 2022 to April 2025.