a.s.r – Dutch insurance company to pilot a “Community Income Protection Insurance” for poor women in Ben Tre province

Climate change and saline intrusion in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam has caused negative impacts for millions of inhabitants who live in coastal areas. Poor families who live on fisheries and agricultural production have suffered from income loss due to less yield crops and worsening health conditions.

MCNV in close collaboration with a.s.r team, a reputable Dutch insurance company with high corporate social responsibility, are working with the Microfinance project in Binh Dai district, Ben Tre province from Oct 24th till 28th to design and test a “Community Income Protection Insurance” (CIPI) project. The insurance will help poor women in the project to be ensured a daily basic income in case of sick or injury that affects their working ability.


Discussion with health staffs in Loc Thuan commune health center about CIPI

This insurance is not only a product to protect the poor women from health risks, but also a meaningful technical support from a Dutch company directly to Ben Tre poor women. Through the success of this project, MCNV expects that a.s.r team will help as a bridge between microfinance project in Ben Tre and a wider array of supporters in the Netherland in the time to come.

Ruchama, member of a.s.r. has well captured real life moments of their works with women in Ben Tre and the local surroundings during the working trip in Ben Tre from Oct 24-28, 2016. See: