CANTEEN presents the 2019 work plan for projects in Nong Village, Savannakhet Province

On December 25, 2018, the Collaboration and Networking to Enhance Education and Nutrition (CANTEEN) Project implemented an Annual Meeting to report on the progress of the project over the past year and to present the work plan for the 2019 project in Nong Village, Savannakhet Province.

The objective of CANTEEN is to reduce malnutrition in vulnerable groups, especially women and children in 20 target villages. CANTEEN is co-funded through MCNV, the European Union, Netherlands Organizations for Scientific Research (WOTRO), and the foundation in the Netherlands (AFAS). At the end of the annual meeting, the participants and the Chairman shared strategies that will ensure CANTEEN continues in the right direction to achieve its goals.

The Annual Meeting was attended by Mr. Bounyom Nournlasy, Deputy Director of Nong District, Mr. Keo Sengdavong, Chief of National Foreign Affairs Department, Dr. Sengda Seedalai, Department of Public Health Province, Mr. Sivone Mouanaotu, CANTEEN Project Manager and all partners including: the Women’s federation, Ministry of Agriculture-forestry, teachers, medical staff, and local authorities.