Renowned emcee joins MCNV in sustainable forest management

PROSPER project just receives a grant of VND 850 million (~ EUR 33,000) from the An Vui Fund by Mr. Dai Nghia, a celebrity in Vietnamese showbiz who is well-known for both of his talent and strong commitment to helping disadvantaged communities.

Mr. Dai Nghia (red shirt) joins the tree planting event with MCNV on January 22.

The cash, donated by Mr.Dai Nghia, his fellow artists and friends, will be used to plant 128,500 trees, contributing to healing 15 ‘wounds’ Quang Tri forests are struggling with after the flashfloods and landslides last October and November.

On the morning of January 22, together with a team of more than 20 fellow artists, Mr.Dai Nghia traveled to Chenh Venh village, Huong Hoa district, Quang Tri province to hand over the donation to MCNV.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr.Dai Nghia said:

“For the recent few years, I’ve been feeling the pain of the loss of forests caused by deforestation, fire and disaster. That’s why I decided to do something to help the nature heal its pains. I know, I cannot do it alone. I’ve spent several years to search for a companion on this journey”.

Mr.Dai Nghia speaks at the event.

“When I was introduced to MCNV during a business trip to Quang Tri, I felt like I have found the trust-worthy companion that I’ve been looking for. MCNV, as I know, is a Dutch NGO with lots of projects contributing to supporting disadvantaged communites.”

In response to the MC’s meaningful speech, Mr.Nguyen Dinh Dai, MCNV Chief of Central Vietnam Office expressed his heartfelt thank to Mr.Dai Nghia and all donors.

“We’ve been used to receive donation from overseas donors, mostly from Europe, in particular, the Netherlands. Nowadays, we begin to receive more support from Vietnamese individual and business donors. In the last several years, our donors have shifted the model of support from giving the ‘fish’ to giving the ‘fishing rod’ to the beneficiaries.”

“Today, instead of ‘giving fishing rod’, our sponsors focuses on the partnership with beneficiaries, like the partnership between businesses and farmers, or the collaboration between sponsors and organizations. The grant from Mr.Dai Nghia signifies this new trend of sponsorship, which will generate long-term and sustainable results”.” Mr.Dai noted.

The handover of grant was followed by trees planting activity by Mr.Dai Nghia, the team of artists, Huong Hoa district leader and MCNV representative.

As part of the tree planting trip, on two days (Jan 21 and Jan 22), the group of artists presented 1,000 packs of gifts (rice, cooking oil, dried food) to 1,000 ethnic minority households in Huong Hoa district, Quang Tri province./.