Vacancy: member of MCNV’s supervisory board

MCNV is looking for a new member of the Supervisory Board to expand the representation of our partners in Vietnam and Laos.

MCNV wants to expand ownership and responsibility towards the region. The task of the Supervisory Board is to ensure that the efforts of MCNV make an optimal contribution towards the vision and mission of MCNV:

Vision: we envision a world in which the society supports all people in their development to the maximum well-being and full social position.

Our mission is to enhance the equitable and sustainable access of marginalised people to resources and services that improve their health and inclusion in developing countries in South East Asia.

The primary responsibility of the Supervisory Board is to exercise supervision, specifically:

  •            Accountability in advance (policy-making, annual workplans and budget)
  •            Supervising the performance of the Director and hence the organization
  •            Accountability in retrospect (adoption/approval of Director’s decisions).

The Supervisory Board also has an advisory role.


  • We are looking for a person with:
  •            Expertise and experience in one or more of the following fields:Micro entrepreneurship/ value chains, climate change or        institutional fundraising. Preferably with an extensive network in the sector;
  •            Interest in development cooperation, in particular for Vietnam or Laos;
  •            Willingness to represent the region of interest in the board;
  •            Strong knowledge of English (spoken and written) especially related to development cooperation;
  •            Absence of conflicts of interest;
  •            Irreproachable conduct;
  •            No history of employment by MCNV and no close relationships with the Board;
  •            Willingness to prepare for and participate in meetings, 4-6 half-days a year, generally in the evening (UTC+1 in winter, UTC +2 in summer), mainly using an internet (skype) connection. An occasional visit to a meeting in the Netherlands is an option.

Members of the Supervisory Board do not receive remuneration. They will receive compensation for expenses made while working as MCNV’s Supervisory Board member. When the membership of the Supervisory Board requires presence in the Netherlands the travel and hotel costs will be compensated.

For more information, look at // or contact Daan van Gils, office coordinator by email (

Interested candidates can send their resume and motivation to
A policy of gender balance is pursued.