650 compost bins presented to Ben Tre province

Last August, 650 compost bins were presented to 10 districts/wards of Ben Tre city and Chau Thanh district (Ben Tre province). In more details, 600 compost bins were distributed to 600 households, while 50 bins (larger size) were handed to 04 markets and 10 schools.

Compost bins presented to households in Ben Tre city in August 2020. Photo: Ben Tre provincial Women’s Union

In addition, a workshop on converting waste into fertilizer using compost bins was provided to 600 households, while 350 households received training on growing organic vegetables.

Workshop on waste-to-compost technique. Photo: Ben Tre provincial Women’s Union

The aforementioned activities were conducted in the second phase of the project ‘Community-based eco-green solution to solid waste treatment’. Funded by UPS, the project was jointly implemented by MCNV and Ben Tre provincial Women’s Union, aiming at facilitating eco-friendly practices in a simple yet effective process.

Vegetables nourished by organic compost in a beneficiary household. Photo: Ben Tre provincial Women’s Union

Kitchen garbage like fruit peels, leftover vegetables will be put into the bin, adding Effective microorganisms  (EM) to accelerate decomposition. After a few months, the waste will be turned into organic fertilizer, which is used to nourish plants in home gardens.

Waste-to-compost benefits the community in various aspects, including purifying and beautifying the environment; reducing the cost of waste collection, transportation and treatment and raising public awareness of waste management and engaging people into the process.