PwC aims at supporting the microfinance project in Ben Tre

Ms. Cẩm Tú and Mr. Bảo Anh, two senior managers from PwC, Ho Chi Minh city branch, visited and worked with the Ben Tre Micro Finance project in Binh Dai district on July 6th, 2018.

Ms. Phạm Thị Lợi, the project vice manager raised the needs to have a better computer-based database to better manage more than current 1,600 clients of the project and the database could be able to manage maximum of 5,000 clients in the future when the project becomes a social registered microfinance fund in 2020 on ward. She also requested the technical support from PwC experts to help improve the project forms and reports to be compatible with Vietnam financial sector’s standards and build capacity for project staff to manage database and updated forms.

PwC staff members investigated carefully current forms, procedures and the needs from project. Final technical solutions will be made with further discussions with PwC experts but it is potential that an Excel-based database-software should effectively meet the needs and at the same time, be suitable to the management capacity of the project staff. PwC also finds opportunities for Ben Tre microfinance staff to join their suitable financial training courses to improve the capacity of project staff.

PwC Staff worked with the Women’s Union at Binh Dai district, Ben Tre province

The microfinance project in Ben Tre has started in 2009 by MCNV and the Ben Tre Women’s Union. It grew up gradually from a tiny scale of about 100 clients in 2 first communes to a much bigger scale of 1,600 clients in 10 communes in 2018. If PwC makes this goodwill support possible, it could improve the management capacity of the project significantly and be a good foundation for this project to be an independent fund in the near future.