Workshop “Community-based Rehabilitation” in Dien Bien

On May 29 2018, MCNV in collaboration with the Department of Health, Dien Bien province, organized successfully the workshop “Community-based Rehabilitation”. Participating in the workshop was 60 representatives coming from the Ministry of Health, different state agencies in Dien Bien and the Association of People with Disability at grass-roots level. In the workshop, participants discussed about community-based rehabilitation, the situation of people with disability in the province, and contributions of MCNV to community-based rehabilitation activities in Dien Bien during the last five years.

Especially with the participation and presentation of the Ministry of Health, participants in the workshop had a chance to understand better the overall picture of rehabilitation, relevant laws and policies as well as the direction to develop rehabilitation in Vietnam in the future.

Representatives of departments of health and the Dien Bien Department of Education and Training attended the workshop and shared ideas about the situation of people and children with disability in community.

The Dien Bien TV and various news and media channels in Dien Bien came and reported the event.